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Moving to a new country is a great challenge and underestimating certain details can cause unpleasant surprises (choosing the wrong neighborhood, overpaying the rent, not finding an apartment that allows your furry pet,etc.)! Our relocation agency is committed to keep you well informed through each step, helping you make the best choices. We are here to mentor you in your immigration process and to support you during your relocation.

Human Resources

Expatriates who come work for your company will receive a personalized and professional service that will promote their sense of belonging and loyalty towards the company. As the human resource department, you will be freed from all the logistics involved in your employee’s move. In addition, you will be kept promptly informed of each step during the installation process of your employee and his family.

The purpose of our services is to ensure that the efforts and investment made to hire your employees will be profitable. A stress-free expatriate is a productive and happy employee!

Moving to a new country is a challenge and underestimating all the ramifications could cause a few headaches: choosing the wrong neighbourhood, paying an overpriced rent, forgetting important papers back home, not meeting all the government regulations and the list goes on! As a relocation agency, it is our mandate to ensure that all the steps of the transition go smoothly and that the client is well informed throughout the whole process - from immigration advice to choosing the right school for your children.

Companies relocating employees, individuals or families relocating, young workers or students looking for opportunities in Montreal - Quebec.

Once you have defined what you would like help with, Fleur de Lys relocation can assist the newcomer through all the steps of the relocation which include guiding and organizing the move prior to the arrival (immigration, moving, temporary accommodation, integration strategy). Upon arrival, we accompany the transferee in finalizing the details regarding permanent accommodation, school registration, administrative documents, neighborhood familiarization, spouse integration, etc.

We would be pleased to help and provide the necessary information and procedures with respect to relocating with pets (travelling, accommodation regulations and options, etc). Since finding rental housing when you have animals can be a challenge, we will be here to advise you in order to make sure you find the perfect place for you and your pets.

Taking into account your budget and specific needs we reserve a temporary accommodation to ease your transition to Montreal. The accommodation is usually fully furnished and offers all the benefits of a comfortable house. Over the years we have built partnerships with different firms that offers apartments, houses, hotel and suites. These partnerships allow you to get preferential rates on your rental.

This is a good question! Choosing the right neighbourhood is one of the most important factors for a successful relocation. Through the questionnaire you will submit and through the time we will spend with you, we will better understand your habits and your needs. Therefore, we will be able to guide you in choosing the area most suitable for you and your family. Amongst other things, we will take into account your workplace, your children’s school, your family’s social activities and spousal job opportunities.

Yes, we can assist you with buying and/or selling a home. Our team includes realtors and we refer to them if need be. Hence, our home search is wide and is not limited to realtor listings. We usually accompany you during the visits and guide you with local tips (pricing standards, pros and cons for each neighborhood) and if required, our real estate professionals will assist you during all administrative and legal steps. Finding the perfect rental for our customer is our specialty! We assist during the visits, negotiation process and the signing of the lease.

Choosing the right school in Quebec can be tricky. Different laws apply for the languages and for the public and private sector. We will gladly explain all the details and guide you during the process. Different elements will be explored such as:
- The education system in Quebec;
- Foreign diploma equivalence in Quebec;
- Registration dates and formalities;
- Private schools, public schools & specialized schools;
- French, English and Bilingual schools;
- Tuition fees and much more.

Finding the right daycare is like choosing the right school! There are several options to consider (private/public sector). We are here to assist in the search, visits, and administrative steps.

We offer competitive prices and invite you to complete in our online form to get a free personalized quote. We offer different packages and also “à la carte” prices.

We can! Our team includes immigration professionals that will guide you through your immigration process. We can take care of everything or act as advisors in helping you find the best strategy to speed up the lengthy immigration process. From temporary visa to permanent residence, we do it all!

The spouse’s integration is crucial for a successful integration. We take it to heart to assist the spouse in finding a job that will fit with his/her new life. We work closely with the spouse to update his/her CV, determine the job opportunities, application strategies and prepare for interviews.

A scheduled online meeting will give us the chance to answer all your questions and bring solutions to your worries. It would be our pleasure to discuss taxes, cost of living, relocation costs, job opportunities, accommodations, schooling, and other important subjects with you.

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